Location MGA Zone Easting Northing Reported Date Description
Approx 5km north of Swan Reach 54 368985 6180350 13-Aug-08 Levee Bank - Levee on western bank is eroded.
Approx 6 km north of Swan Reach 54 368985 6180250 13-Aug-08 Levee Bank - Levee on western bank eroded.
Avoca Dell 54 345715 6115872 01-Mar-09 Bank Collapse - Bank collapse occurred at this site.
Blanchetown 54 373715 6196025 07-Dec-09 Tree Leaning - Large River Red Gum leaning toward the river and putting retaining wall at risk. Riverbank erosion problems also identified in the area. Tree is routinely monitored for changes.
Blanchetown 54 373715 6196025 13-Jan-10 Tree Leaning - Large gum tree leaning in front of house near riverbank. Tree is being routinely monitored for changes.
Bowhill 54 373502 6138937 03-Aug-10 Bank Cracking - Previously reported cracking has worsened and is opening up.
Bowhill 54 373470 6138932 02-Mar-10 Tree Collapse - Willow tree collapsed into the river.
Brenda Park 54 377947 6229778 06-Jun-11 Bank Collapse and Bank Cracking - a localised failure of the riverbank has occurred. This is likely to have been caused by a combination of undermining or erosion that occurred during recent extended periods of low river levels, deterioration of groynes, and a rapid decrease in water levels after a high flow event.
Caloote Landing 54 341542 6129815 11-Dec-09 Infrastructure - Geotechnical investigations have identified weak soils structure under the Caloote Landing boat ramp. The site has been closed and warning signs installed..
Caloote Landing 54 341569 6129775 05-Jun-09 Bank Cracking - Significant cracks in bank throughout southern residential area at Caloote Landing.
Caloote Landing 54 341496 6129981 05-Jun-09 Bank Cracking - Significant cracks in bank north of residential area at Caloote Landing.
Caurnomont 54 371716 6143379 29-Sep-10 Tree Collapse - a large willow tree has collapsed. The tree was undermined when water levels were low and is now blocking a private boat landing.
Cowirra 54 347672 6136477 05-Feb-10 Tree Collapse.
Dixon Reserve 54 359374 6097344 01-Feb-09 Bank Cracking - Bank cracking identified at Dixon Reserve near Tailem Bend Ferry. Area has been fenced off with appropriate warning signs installed
Lake Carlet 54 365807 6139966 03-Dec-09 Bank Collapse - Cracking and slumping identified at Lake Carlet.
Lake Carlet 54 355615 6141614 05-Mar-09 Bank Erosion - Damage to channel identified.
Lake Carlett 54 365980 6140008 28-Sep-10 Tree Collapse - A willow tree has collapsed into river, and is still attached to bank by one root. It doesn't appear that the bank is unstable. Possibly not riverbank collapse related.
Mannum 54 349896 6137756 02-Mar-11 Infrastructure and Bank Cracking - a small hole has formed in East Front Road (within the closed section of road). A cavity is visible below road surface with water visible in the bottom. Investigation conucted 3/3/11, cavity approx 2m x 1m x 2m (L x W x D).
Mannum 54 349896 6137756 30-Mar-11 Infrastructure and Bank Cracking - a second cavity has formed in the road surface at this site with water visible in the bottom. Investigation conducted 30/03/11 and repairs to road surface have been made.
Mannum 54 345116 6133287 20-Apr-09 Bank Collapse - Riverbank slumping.
Mannum 54 346431 6135425 22-Dec-09 Tree Leaning - Willows leaning .
Mannum 54 346324 6135097 07-Jan-10 Bank Cracking - Crack identified.
Mannum 54 345618 6134623 26-Mar-10 Tree Leaning - Trees leaning toward the river, roots exposed.
Mannum 54 345818 6135054 31-Mar-09 Bank Cracking - Riverbank cracking, also cracking evident upstream.
Mannum 54 346368 6135353 31-Mar-09 Bank Cracking - Riverbank cracking around retaining wall where a small area has shown settlement as a result of low water levels.
Mannum 54 349567 6137681 01-Feb-09 Infrastructure - Slip circle cracking identified in road surface.
Mannum 54 349758 6137756 01-Feb-09 Infrastructure - slip circle cracking in the road with significant undulations and rupture of road surface.
Mannum 54 349896 6137756 01-Feb-09 Infrastructure - Cracking and road undulations/movement in road surface.
Mannum 54 349602 6137682 01-Feb-09 Infrastructure - Cracking and road undulations/movement.
Mannum 54 346383 6135932 23-Apr-09 Bank Cracking.
Mannum 54 346447 6135841 11-Mar-10 Tree Leaning - Willow tree falling over.
Mannum 54 350278 6138656 25-May-10 Bank Cracking - Cracks are appearing parallel to riverbank, approximately 5m in length.
Mark's Landing 54 371189 6172082 23-Oct-09 Bank Cracking - cracking of about 50 m in length, approximately 20 metres from rivers edge.
Monteith 54 346644 6106821 27-Mar-09 Bank Collapse - Riverbank subsiding. Extensive cracking identified.
Monteith 54 347001 6107053 01-May-09 Bank Cracking - Cracking of riverbank adjacent to three private shacks.
Monteith 54 346666 6106863 10-Nov-10 Tree Collapse - Willow tree has collapsed within already closed section of Bells Reserve. Cracking and previous reports of riverbank collapse have occured at site. Signage and fencing is in place.
Monteith 54 346644 6106821 16-Nov-09 Bank Collapse - Collapse and cracks identified at Bells Reserve. An area of approximately 50m in length has slumped with significant cracking through the area.
Monteith 54 346689 6106848 23-Mar-09 Bank Collapse - Collapse and cracks identified at Bells Reserve. An area of approximately 50m in length has slumped with significant cracking through the area.
Murrawong 54 348415 6119876 30-Mar-09 Infrastructure - Cracking identified on Murrawong Rd approximately 100m downstread of the houses.
Murrawong 54 348415 6119876 19-Nov-09 Tree Leaning - A group of tree were trimmed to reduce the stress on the Riverbank and relieve road cracking. The area is located along Murrawong Road, approximately 100m downstream of the houses.
Murrawong 54 348323 6119905 09-Dec-09 Bank Cracking - Cracking identified on property.
Murray Bridge 54 344508 6111408 27-Sep-10 Tree Collapse - Second report regarding a tree collapse at Long Island Reserve.
Murray Bridge 54 342657 6113073 20-Jan-10 Levee Bank - cracking on land side of Mobilong levee, downstream of the pump shed.
Murray Bridge 54 346332 6108920 21-Jul-08 Tree Collapse - a tree has collapsed and caused some damage to the western bank.
Murray Bridge 54 344461 6111451 06-Dec-10 Bank Cracking - approximately 20m long, just behind levee bank approximately 10m from water's edge. Cracking ranging up to 100mm in width.
Murray Bridge 54 345254 6110931 04-Feb-09 Bank Collapse - Major Collapse (a 20 x 6 metre section) .
Murray Bridge 54 345488 6110748 04-Feb-09 Bank Collapse - Major collapse
Murray Bridge 54 345488 6110748 20-Feb-09 Bank Collapse - Further collapse, approximately 10 metres. A number of River Red Gums have also collapsed into the river.
Murray Bridge 54 345427 6110800 04-Mar-09 Bank Collapse - Second collapse at this site (10 -15m in length).
Murray Bridge 54 345536 6110649 09-Mar-09 Bank Collapse - Approximately 12 tonnes has collapsed north of previous collapse and cracking.
Murray Bridge 54 345445 6110780 25-Jan-10 Bank Collapse - Collapse approximately 30m long by 1.5 - 3m wide.
Murray Bridge 54 344320 6111981 14-Jan-10 Bank Cracking - Cracks 10m from the river located where willows may have sunk.
Murray Bridge 54 345857 6109356 01-Feb-09 Bank Collapse - Collapse of riverbank 5m deep and 25m wide near Swan Port Bridge.
Murray Bridge 54 343974 6111940 18-Aug-09 Bank Cracking - Cracking evident throughout residential area. Road access to the area has been closed.
Murray Bridge 54 343182 6113981 06-Apr-09 Bank Collaspe - approximately 25m wide section of bank collapsed into river, local council has undertaken earthworks on site to improve bank stability.
Mypolonga 54 350049 6119761 08-Jun-10 Bank Collapse - Approximately 10m of bank has collapsed.
Mypolonga 54 348813 6125519 21-Oct-10 Levee Bank and Tree Collapse - a number of large Gum trees in Mypolonga North are in danger of falling over the levee bank. There is a potential danger to anyone accessing the area. Signs and fencing installed in the area to inform and prevent people accessing the area.
Mypolonga 54 349051 6125306 07-Apr-10 Bank Cracking - Large cracks approx 25m from bank running parallel to the River. Between 40-50m in length, up to 200mm wide and 600mm deep.
Mypolonga 54 348582 6125775 03-Mar-09 Bank Collapse.
Mypolonga 54 350044 6119751 15-Jan-10 Bank Collapse and Bank Cracking identified.
Mypolonga 54 349132 6125247 15-Jan-10 Bank Collapse.
Mypolonga South 54 346388 6119455 03-Jan-10 Leaning tree.
Ngaut Ngaut Conservation Park 54 372669 6160837 01-Feb-09 Bank Cracking - Cracking has formed at canoe landing site. This site has now been closed and a new canoe landing has been constructed nearby.
Ngaut Ngaut Conservation Park 54 372945 6160746 30-Mar-09 Bank Cracking - Bank cracking approximately 50m in length along the scree slope area.
Nildottie 54 377069 6164361 03-Feb-10 Tree Collapse.
Pompoota 54 350268 6124338 14-Oct-10 Levee Bank - Report of levee breach at Burbidge Irrigation Area. Investigation conducted and identified overtopping of a private levee in a number of small sections. Monitoring to continue.
Pompoota 54 348380 6126267 27-Mar-09 Levee Bank - Burbridge Irrigation area (otherwise known as Bilk Flat Irrigation area). Cracking and Collapse of levee area where pipes are located and is causing pipe damage. Levee bank is tilting.
Punyelroo 54 372083 6169942 09-Apr-09 Infrastructure - Road cracking approximately 30m long
South Punyelroo 54 372757 6168794 21-Jan-10 Bank Cracking - Cracking identified on property.
South Punyelroo 54 372762 6168785 02-Mar-10 Bank Cracking - Minor crack at the edge of the riverbank.
Sunnyside 54 350679 6119950 12-May-10 Bank Collapse, Bank Cracking and Tree Leaning - Small area of bank collapsed. Also bank cracking and leaning trees in the vicinity.
Sunnyside 54 350679 6119950 19-Aug-10 Bank Cracking and Bank Erosion - small bank collapses and bank deterioration at a location near Sunnyside. It is believed that this may be due to the erosive forces attributable to increased flows.
Sunnyside 54 350402 6119754 23-Apr-09 Bank Cracking
Sunnyside 54 350402 6119754 27-Feb-10 Tree Collapse - Remains semi submerged
Swan Reach 54 372294 6185965 13-Aug-08 Bank Erosion - Erosion of near vertical bank.
Swan Reach 54 369198 6179091 13-Aug-08 Bank Erosion - Erosion of eastern bank.
Swan Reach 54 368716 6180863 17-Nov-10 Bank Cracking - Cracking of bank at camping area north of Swan Reach, near SA Water pump station.
Swan Reach 54 371654 6174658 25-Mar-11 Bank Cracking - holes appearing near the concrete pad of the Swan Reach Waste Disposal Station. Cracking has previously been identifed north of this area and this may be an indication or further cracking.
Swan Reach 54 370417 6173555 01-Feb-09 Tree Leaning - Leaning tree on left bank near Marks Shack Road
Swan Reach 54 371654 6174658 16-Jul-09 Bank Cracking - Longitudinal cracks and slumping approximately 50-70mm in width, parallel to the River, approximately 5m from River edge.
Swan Reach 54 370322 6178008 13-Aug-08 Erosion - wave related erosion above pool level.
Swan Reach 54 371654 6174658 09-Apr-09 Bank Cracking - Longitudinal cracks and slumping approximately 50-70mm in width, parallel to the River, approximately 5m from river's edge.
Tailem Bend 54 358959 6097896 24-Mar-09 Tree Collapse - Willow Tree damaged and fallen into the River.
Tailem Bend 54 357585 6093107 22-Apr-09 Bank Cracking - Located 1.5 kilometres downstream from Hector's Road at Tailem Bend.
Tailem Bend 54 358401 6093792 23-Apr-09 Bank Collapse and Tree Collapse - Approximately 40m of bank including Willow Trees. Trees became a navigational hazard and have now been removed.
Tailem Bend 54 357854 6098871 18-May-09 Bank Cracking - Approximately 10m from the river edge. Identified in November 2008. A result of lagoon drying out.
Tailem Bend 54 359267 6094477 11-May-09 Bank Collapse and Bank Cracking.
Tailem Bend 54 359501 6097014 19-Nov-09 Bank Cracking - Approximately 7m from Rivers edge. Length and width increasing.
Tailem Bend 54 359501 6097014 05-Mar-10 Bank Cracking - Approximately 26m in length. Showing signs of increasing in length.
Tailem Bend 54 354436 6092376 08-Mar-09 Bank Cracking - Cracks identified in the area.
Tailem Bend 54 359501 6097014 06-May-10 Bank Cracking - Previously reported cracking has worsened.
Tailem Bend 54 357371 6092978 12-Feb-09 Bank Collapse - A 50 metre section of the riverbank collapsed.
Tailem Bend 54 357153 6099301 30-Mar-09 Bank Cracking - 150m in length along riverbank.
Teal Flat 54 367715 6138044 09-Mar-10 Tree Collapse and Bank Cracking- willow tree has fallen. Bank cracking is also evident behind the tree.
Toora 54 346492 6118095 01-Feb-09 Bank Collapse and Bank Cracking - approximately 40m of riverbank slumped into river additional bank cracking approximately 40m long adjacent to collapse site.
Walker Flat 54 369441 6151278 04-May-10 Tree Collapse - Willow tree collapse on Council reserve.
Walker Flat 54 369093 6153010 22-Oct-10 Tree Leaning and Bank Erosion - Approx 50 m section of bank affected by erosion. Private diveboard and retaining wall are also affected. Fence and signs have been installed by landowners. A tree which supports the diving board is beginning to lean and the owners have also closed the diving board,
Walker Flat 54 369093 6153005 22-Oct-10 Bank Collapse - approximately 20 metre section of bank subsided with rising water levels.
Walker Flat 54 367903 6153646 28-Sep-09 Bank Cracking - cracking and holes appearing in the Waste Disposal Station area.
Walker Flat 54 369220 6158393 20-May-10 Bank Cracking - cracks appearing on Private property.
Walker Flat 54 366154 6154928 23-Feb-10 Bank Collapse- small section of bank has collapsed into the river.
Walker Flat 54 369131 6152354 18-Dec-09 Bank Cracking.
Walker Flat 54 369139 6153009 05-Jan-10 Bank Cracking.
Walker Flat 54 369131 6152354 09-Mar-10 Infrastructure - Presence of road cracking.
Walker Flat 54 369131 6152354 30-Mar-10 Infrastructure -Cracking on road.
Wall Flat 54 347473 6129016 07-Dec-10 Levee Bank - a large amount of water is reportedly seeping through the Wall Flat levee bank. There is significant flow through the levy bank. It is filling the supply channel and drainage channels in the location. Investigation planned for Thursday 9 December.
Wall Flat 54 346704 6130276 21-Dec-09 Tree Collapse and Bank Cracking - tree has fallen into river and cracking exists for several hundred metres.
Wall Flat 54 346192 6130127 21-Dec-09 Tree collapsed.
Wall Flat 54 345892 6130007 20-Jun-09 Tree Collapse.
Wellington 54 352580 6090422 01-Sep-10 Tree Leaning - willow tree is collapsing into river and may take a section of bank. Willow is on man-made peninsula in approximately 1 metre deep water. Resident wants tree removed.
Wellington 54 352571 6090304 29-May-09 Bank Cracking - a number of cracks are appearing approximately 2 metres from the waters edge. Cracks are 4 to 15cm's wide and around 10 metres in length.
Wellington 54 352925 6089901 18-Aug-09 Tree Collapse.
Wellington 54 352978 6089776 16-Nov-09 Bank cracking - Wellington
Wellington 54 352876 6089504 17-Mar-09 Bank Collapse - A section of cliff on private property has collapsed. The collapse site was within a newly landscaped area.
White Sands 54 346354 6106746 05-Jan-10 Tree Collpase.
White Sands 54 346354 6106746 07-Jan-10 Tree Collapse.
White Sands 54 347599 6104567 15-Jan-10 Tree Leaning.
White Sands 54 347595 6104577 22-Apr-09 Bank Collapse - Approximately 20m length and 6m depth. Three trees collapsed in the River.
White Sands 54 347534 6104588 14-Feb-09 Bank Collapse - An area of approximately 25 x 4 metres collapsed.
White Sands 54 347198 6104686 07-Apr-09 Bank Collapse.
Wongulla 54 376725 6164154 26-Nov-10 Bank Collapse and Tree Collapse - a section of riverbank and a number of trees have collapsed. This area is inaccessible by land, but may be accessed by river users.
Woodlane 54 348216 6126137 28-May-10 Infrastructure - Cracking on road adjacent to riverbank. Crack approximately 2 metres long, up to 20mm wide and running adjacent with the river. Warning signs are present in the area and regular monitoring will continue.
Woodlane 54 348216 6126137 28-Feb-09 Bank Collapse - A large section of the Riverbank collapsed with damage to pump station infrastructure.
Woodlane 54 348216 6126137 07-Mar-09 Bank Collapse - Substantial section of bank collapse and resulted in the loss of pumping infrastructure.
Woodlane 54 348216 6126137 10-Mar-09 Bank Collapse - Collapse at this site resulted in some damage to infrastructure.
Woodlane 54 348099 6126236 26-Dec-09 Bank Cracking - cracks identified and tree collapsed and additional trees removed to alleviate leverage on riverbank.
Woodlane Reserve 54 348135 6126227 17-Nov-10 Bank Cracking - Cracking of bank in riverbank adjoining residential area at Woodlane. Some trees have been removed to lessen strain on the bank. Warning signs and fencing have also been installed.
Wood's Point 54 354844 6100991 13-Oct-10 Levee Bank - report of leaking levee bank at Jervois. Investigation conducted 13/10/10, 120m extent of standing water identified with no point of leakage or direction of flow apparent. Some very minor cracking and damp soil at foot of levee adjacent to a decommissioned sluice. Monitoring to continue.
Younghusband 54 363972 6139316 27-Apr-09 Bank Cracking - Crack in bank 5-6m from the rivers edge. Affected area is approximately 20m in length. Warning signs installed at the site.
Younghusband 54 363331 6139408 24-Jul-09 Infrastructure - Cracks in the road and a depression in middle of road which runs for about 30 metres.
Younghusband 54 366786 6140068 06-Oct-10 Tree Leaning - Large willow tree is leaning and is also affecting a nearby concrete pad, which forms a private boat landing. No cracking is evident, though the property owner has observed some slumping of bank over time.
Younghusband 54 365262 6139414 22-Mar-10 Infrastructure - Road deterioration and a large depression has been identified.
Younghusband 54 364299 6139284 01-Feb-09 Infrastructure - Slip circle cracking in road shoulder and riverbank.
Younghusband 54 363993 6139309 01-Feb-09 Infrastructure - Minor cracking in road shoulder, signs installed at site.
Younghusband 54 364359 6139285 25-Sep-09 Slip circle cracking in road and undulations formed.
Younghusband 54 359620 6140906 27-Jan-10 Large leaning redgum tree identified, tree is being monitored for futher movement.
Younghusband 54 359093 6141472 31-Mar-10 Tree Leaning - Large Red Gum tree leaning towards river. No visible signs of cracking in soil around base of tree.
Younghusband 54 353490 6140698 01-Jun-09 Infrastructure - Longitudinal cracking of road surface.